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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Niranam Pattamukkil

In the very beginning of Christianity in Kerala

St.Thomas One of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ

Landed at malankara near kodugallore at Kerala

Around A.D.52.He established seven and half churches. Those are,

Kodugallore, Palyoor, Kottacave, Kokamangalam, Niranam, Chayal,

Kollam and the half church at Thiruvithamkode…………..

ON his way from Kollam in northeast Direction he arrived at Niranam

“Thrikpapaleswaram” by sea .He converted four Hindu families to Christianity

Manki, Madithilan, Thyil, and Pattamukkil, are the first four families converting to Christianity. He also gives priestly powers to the members of these families.

The name Pattamukkil is derived from “Bhattathiri Mukhyan”and “Pattamukkil”

Became a family name at Niranam .The only survivors of the four families converted by St.Thomas at Niranam today.Patamukkil Tharavad at Niranam surrounded from three sides by Niranam church. Priests from Pattamukkil families used to stay there and done priesthood and governed Niranam church and its properties at the ancient days.

Pattamukkil family and the Christian community in Niranam is the oldest in India and even among the oldest in the world.

We the members and the well wishers of the great Pattamukkil family are proud to be the

Solders of Christianity in Kerala, India, even in the world form the very beginning